For a new computer game in development called ‘News Tower’ I’ve animated all characters and part of the machines.
All character animations are made within Unity with a 2D rig. All machines are animated in After Effects. Early acces Autumn 2021.

Logo animations

Most explain animations I create are for internal use and therefor not open to publish. So here are some small snippets to give an impression.

Infographics made for Reggifiber in commission for Storymail

Title sequence, title designs and animations for ‘Animated Youngsters’. An educational art & game program for teenagers created by Showroom Mama Rotterdam.

Illustration series for ‘BreinBreien’ commissioned by IDK8 and are used for a training course.
These illustrations of kids show their view on the world and themselves. Kids of 4-5 years old are focused mainly on the self. When they grow older (6-9) they learn to empathize with others and get to know their own strengths and weaknesses.

GIF animation made for ‘Brein Breien’.

Explorations of abstract forms in movement

Title sequence, titles and animations for ‘Onskruid’. A docu series of an all girls street-art collective set up by Showroom Mama Rotterdam.

Animation for the Dutch television show ‘De wereld draait door’ on the item ‘Boek van de maand’.

Mixed media illustrations. Collages combined with digital artwork.

Series of 3 sleeping animal illustrations. Linolium cutting combined with digital forms. A4 & A3 format.